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Green Careers For Our Future

A green career/job improves environmental quality, is safe for workers, provides career-path opportunities, provides a living wage.

             “What do you want to be when you grow up?“

This is a difficult question to answer, because after all, it all depends on how much you can earn, what are the working conditions, how much training do you need and ….will you like it? Do you like it enough to want to do it for the next ten years? Ideally you want a career that suits you for a lifetime; one that offers you opportunities to learn, grow to take on more responsibilities, new challenges and which becomes more rewarding over time.

The green sector has many jobs and careers that pay well, and can provide a stable and interesting career over a lifetime. The jobs are varied. Some are very hands-on and require a lot of physical work; others are based in an office. Some require “on the job training” and a year or two of college while others require a four year degree from a college.

Below are some websites that can help you to identify your interests and your strengths, to identify what kind of a career you should learn more about; other sites contain more specific information on jobs within the green sector. : Click on “high school” to get to a site where you can find out about all types of careers (there is a section on green jobs with videos) and take quizzes that identify your natural strengths and interests which will help you decide which careers to focus on. Click on “youth” to learn more about jobs and the environment. Take the quizzes to find out which jobs are better suited for you. provides a review of the green sector and the training required for these careers. directory of education and training opportunities at all levels within the green sector in Massachusetts.


Key Words to know when researching careers


Green Jobs For Now – BYEN Youth Opportunities List Summer 2013
Click here to see environmental summer 2013 jobs and programs for 13 – 24 year olds. Organizations may submit submit program(s) to be include by clicking here.

Youth Summer Jobs Fairs-Winter/Spring 2013
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